The Portal on La Brea
West Hollywood, CA

This 41-unit project site is located in the City of West Hollywood on La Brea Avenue.

As an affordable housing project it was critical to connect the living units to the larger community while providing the highest level of safety and security for the residences. This was done by a three-story portal. This portal or opening in the street facing building mass allowed for more natural light to the interior court yard while symbolically making the connection to the outside world. The deck of the portal serves as a private open space for residence. Ground level commercial, community room and services face La Brea Avenue and provide a buffer between residential units and the public. The five-story building consists of thirty-eight one-bedroom units, two studio units and one 2-bedroom managers unit, with below grade parking for 42 automobiles. The building design takes full advantage of solar orientation natural ventilation, photovoltaic panels with community gardens located on the roof.

Project by Gwynne Pugh Urban Studio and Michael W Folonis Architects