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Gwynne Pugh has designed a myriad of structures throughout his career, deliberately avoiding specialization and instead exploring new endeavors and challenges.

Throughout Gwynne Pugh’s 35 years in practice as an architect and an engineer, he has worked on schools, residences, civic buildings, and many other types of structures. The firm’s extensive experience working at various scales means that we are able to understand and work effectively on projects of any size or type.

A few simple foundational principles always guide our initial approach to any project. We begin with a desire to understand and serve the needs of the client. We also immediately take into account the unique site qualities and context. Furthermore, we directly address issues of sustainability with intelligent use of resources, efficient design, and proactive technologies. Finally, it is crucial that we maintain our standards of design excellence in every project we undertake.

While these principles ground our work in general, we know that it is equally important for us to take on every project anew, with a fresh approach that matches the specific needs of the situation, including client, site, program, and budget. Every endeavor deserves a unique set of design parameters, allowing for an independent and impartial exploration of the challenges at hand.

These philosophies have served the firm well. While Gwynne Pugh was Principal at Pugh + Scarpa, the architectural work was featured in numerous publications and recognized with a multitude of awards, including 16 National American Institute of Architecture Design Awards, the 2011, 2006, and 2003 AIA Committee on the Environment “Top Ten Green Project” awards, more than 50 State and Local American Institute of Architecture awards, the Rudy Bruner Prize, and numerous other honors.

Beyond these formal recognitions, we are always pleased to know that our designs are well received by the people who actually inhabit them. We invite you to contact our previous clients to discover firsthand how our projects have met their needs and exceeded their expectations.

Gwynne Pugh Urban Studio
Gwynne Pugh Urban Studio