Gwynne Pugh Urban Studio (GP-US) launched in 2010, marking a new venture from world-renowned architect and engineer Gwynne Pugh. Gwynne Pugh Urban Studio is consciously structured to ensure Gwynne’s participation in each project, capitalizing on his expertise in architectural and urban design, planning, sustainability and consultation. Gwynne Pugh was sole founder of Gwynne Pugh AIA & Associates and co-founder and principal of Pugh + Scarpa.

Gwynne Pugh, FAIA, ASCE, LEED AP founded Gwynne Pugh AIA & Associates in 1984 with a determination to create transformative architecture, not from the singular perspective of creating objects to be admired, but from a philosophical perspective that actively incorporates sustainable and urban design principles into architecture, and integrates architecture into the fabric of our daily lives.

With the addition of Lawrence Scarpa to the partnership in 1991, Pugh + Scarpa was formed. During Gwynne’s 22 years as Principal, Pugh + Scarpa received 17 National American Institute of Architecture Design awards, including the 2011, 2006 and 2003 AIA Committee on the Environment “Top Ten Green Project” awards, 32 State and Local American Institute of Architecture awards, the Rudy Bruner Prize, Record Interiors and numerous other honors. The firm was awarded the Architecture Firm of the Year award for 2010 for both the Nation and the State.

Most recently Gwynne became a Fellow of the AIA.


Gwynne Pugh Urban Studio prides itself on its flexible range of skills and abilities including designing cutting edge architecture appropriate to its context, working with communities and creating a strong urban design presence. The firm is committed to exploring and improving the urban experience through architecture, design and planning. We produce work with the understanding that it does not exist in isolation and with the intent that it actively contributes to enhancing its environment.

A few simple foundational principles always guide our initial approach to any project. We begin with a desire to understand and serve the needs of the client. We also immediately take into account the unique site qualities and context. In addition, we directly address issues of sustainability with intelligent use of resources, efficient design, and proactive technologies. Finally, it is crucial that we maintain our standards of design excellence in every project we undertake.

While these principles ground our work generally, we know that it is equally important for us to take on every project anew with a fresh approach that matches the specific needs of the situation. Every endeavor deserves a unique set of design parameters, allowing for an independent and impartial exploration of the challenges at hand.

The firm is deliberately structured so that Principal Gwynne Pugh can participate in each project the firm undertakes, overseeing a well-rounded staff that includes architects, planners, and landscape architects. Out of respect for our clients, our goal is always to produce the highest quality work while accommodating budget and scheduling needs. We are able to maintain our standards of design excellence for all projects despite financial or time constraints due to our efficient and effective use of resources.